Optometry can no longer sit on the side lines, it needs to move to the frontline regarding patient care, regulation, and the full-scope practice of optometry.

Keplr Advocacy was created to pursue policy and regulatory changes at the state and federal levels to expand and protect the practice of optometry, allowing Keplr Vision providers to practice the highest level of care while increasing access to the patients that they ultimately serve.


Full Scope Optometry

  • Optometrists should be allowed to perform all procedures outlined in their education and training.
  • Currently, Alaska, Kentucky, Louisiana and Oklahoma allow Optometrists to perform all procedures to the full scope of their licensure and education. 

Contact Lens Rule

  • The 2020 amendment of the FTC’s contact lens rule puts undue administrative requirements upon prescribers.
  • This regulation allows for less optometric oversight of patient ocular health and puts undue administrative burden on the prescribing doctor.

Optometry Is Essential

  • During the initial COVID-19 guidance, the CDC categorized routine vision as non-essential.
  • The CDC needs to maintain a reasonable view of optometry and what is comprehensive eyecare.
  • Ocular health is an essential part of the healthcare industry; during the peak of the 2020 pandemic optometrists both helped keep patients healthy and out of emergency rooms

Keplr Advocacy Inaugural Members

David Cockrell, OD

Diplomate American Board of Optometry

Past President American Optometric Association

Ben Gaddie, OD

Keplr Vision Chief Medical Officer


David Heitmeier, OD

Louisiana State Senator

David Nelson, OD

Past President American Optometric Association


Nicholas Williams

Keplr Vision Chief Executive Officer


Steven Wilson, OD

Keplr Vision Vice President, Provider Relations